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Business Meeting


Each program we undertake is handled by a team of professional project managers and seasoned travel agents who undergo exhaustive training in the art of professional selling and the science of information technology.


Highly competitive compensation packages based on performances and merit are implemented to maintain a high level of motivation and integrity on the part of our personnel.


Commencing hotel club membership operations in the eighties, our TEAM has successfully conducted telephone sales and marketing and information campaigns with numerous distinguished corporate clients.

At Present:     Our Company iLovetravel Marketing Consulting Services is currently doing the telephone sales and marketing campaign for FREE AND EASY PACKAGES of: 
•    La Carmela De Boracay
•    Henann Lagoon
•    Henann Regency Resort and Spa
•    Henannn Prime Beach Resort
•    Henann Garden Resort 
•    Henann Palm Beach Resort 
•    Henann Crystal Sands
•    Henann Resort Alona Beach
•    Crimson Spa and Resort Boracay
•    Crimson Spa and Resort Mactan
•    Siargao All in Package
•    Batanes All in Package
•    Bohol Complete Packages
•    Palawan Complete Packages: Coron, El Nido




  • Itinerary planning

  • Packaging of International and local tours

  • Airline and hotel services

  • Travel document – Visa and Passporting

  • Immigration Services




  • Directly – target outbound telephone sales and marketing

  • campaigns

  • Inbound telephones sales and marketing operations

  • Database – driven information campaigns

  • Marketing and sales consultancy and training

  • Market research and analysis

  • Professional consultancy and training in database-driven direct marketing



  • Corporate identity packaging

  • Credit collection capabilities

  • Advertising and promotion services




Our marketing executives have a combined 15 years experience in the fields of direct marketing, sales promotions, international trading, management and customer relations. Ample professional support is provided by expert assistance from specialist in database management, information technology, communications and business research.



Our marketing campaigns and programs are packed in accordance with the particular preferences of our clients.




Programs targets are strategically formulated, market trends are constantly monitored and analyzed and our marketing concepts are periodically reviewed to keep abreast with contemporary business development.


All our programs are directly targeted towards specific potential markets achieved by contact prequalification.
Contact listings are contained securely within our electronic database for optimum secrecy, thus assuring maximum exclusivity of the target market for your promotions program.
Continuous lead generation activities produce hundreds of fresh contacts on a daily basis, assuring a constant source of potential clients.
Periodic after sales calls by project managers enhance the value of each member by achieving the following benefits:

•    Promotion of special hotel activities from member to member
•    Generation of additional leads from active members for up-selling and cross hotel activities 
•    Provision of feedback information from members that aid the development and service improvements


Our programs are implemented through a strategic mix of workgroup dynamics, communications strategies and information and database technology.
Proprietary marketing programs are formulated to assure a high level professionalism on the part of the project managers and telemarketers.
The latest database and information processing technologies are employed to maximize project monitoring and client tracing capabilities.
A custom – designed contact management system is used to assure continuous lead generation and constant updating of client records.
Continuing market analysis and demographic research aid project managers in formulating specific sales strategies as the business climate evolves.
Peripherals efforts such as direct mailing, information drives, distribution of newsletters and client surveys are undertaken as aids to direct telemarketing efforts.


A centralized database management system serves as a main repository of all information generated in the course of the project, providing an automated system of tracking individual client information, generating sales performance reports and organizing project data to produce reliable market intelligence.

A contact management system allows call scheduling based on predefined client qualifications as determined by each project’s target market, thus assuring an endless chain of leads that the telemarketers could call on while at the same time providing a more targeted marketing approach.


A loyal client base of 38,000 built from years of telephone sales and marketing operations

A fresh client base of 80,000 VIPs decision-makers secured from no-stop lead generation activities 

A profile collection of 1.2 million frequent travelers based in different parts of the world


Our competitive advantage is anchored on our distinction as the only all-Filipino and locally-based telephone sales and marketing  group in the Philippines.

There is greater accessibility and better coordination among our client, your hotel and our executives.

There is a higher level of familiarity with Philippine economic and business trends, resulting in better market foresight and more comprehensive business planning.

There is a centralized base of operations in Manila with in-house capabilities of twenty (20) telephone lines easily upgradable to fifty (50).

There are reduced resource requirements on the part of your hotel in terms of function rooms and telephones lines as a result of our in-house operations.
There is a permanently staffed management team that provides a more incisive management and supervisory approach culled from years of experience in the telephone and sales marketing field.

Technology-driven and fully automated telemarketing operations that result in higher productivity and efficiency levels in terms of increased talk time and better batting averages.

Custom-designed contact management and project monitoring systems assure constant and accurate performance monitoring client tracking and detailed statistical base analysis.

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